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SmartCash Vault 7000 Series by Burroughs

Smart Cash Vaults, sometimes called Smart Safes, are next generation safes that combine the security of traditional safes/vaults with technological enhancements that allow users to receive deposit credit from their bank for any funds that are put into the safe. Smart Safes tighten cash management processes, reduce shrinkage, and secure checks in an industrial steel-networked safe. ABM’s smart safes can also scan and process checks.

The safes are simple to work and can easily be installed by ABM’s service technicians. Once installed, users feed currency into the bill acceptor and the notes are verified (counterfeits are rejected) by denomination and immediately stored in the safe. All data is electronically journaled and optionally transmitted across a network for enterprise-wide financial reporting.

SmartCash Vaults are constructed of high-strength ¼ inch steel with welded corners and can be bolted to the floor. Door access is enabled through a combination of a key lock plus a Personal Identification Number (PIN), enabling a dual control process in concert with an armored carrier.


  • Accepts, secures, dispenses, and accurately counts currency
  • Networked machines can provide deposit credit as bank when funds are placed in vault
  •  1/2 inch steel plate self-locking door + three 1 inch chrome plated locking bolts
  •  Interlocking back flange prevents hinge attack
  •  Four floor holes for secure bolt down
  •  User friendly liquid resistant keypad
  •  96 or 120 tube vending capacity
  •  Audit trail with over 30 receipts and reports – tracks up to 240 users
  •  Memory storage up to 10,000 transactions
  •  Wireless network or ethernet
  •  Locking 1,200 note cassettes


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