Cima AST 7016 | High capacity currency recycler with 11,200 note capacity |

Cima AST 7016 (Currency Recycler)

ABM is proud to distribute Cima's line of currency recyclers. Cima is an Italian manufacturer that has been producing the components of NCR machines for many years.

Currency recyclers have revolutionized the way banks and credit unions do business by automating many of the key tasks at the branch level. Recyclers are smart vaults that both dispense cash to tellers as withdrawls occur and accept cash as deposits are made. All transactions are automatically reflected in the bank's balances, reducing the cash required to maintain smooth operations. Recyclers increase the productivity of tellers and front line workers while reducing errors. Recyclers are generally used by banks, credit unions, and other financial services firms.

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  • High capacity currency recycler can meet the demands of the busiest branches
  • 11,200 note capacity – Up to 16 cassettes/drums with 700 note capacities – largest capacity on the market
  • Serves two tellers simultaneously
  • Capable of handling multiple currencies
  • Magnetic, infared, fluorescence, ultraviolet, 3D, visible light currency recognition / detection
  • Increases staff productivity and reduces customer wait times
  • Innovative drum design reduces curling of bills
  • Reduces verification time, back office expenses, and armored courier expenses.
  • ABM maintenance service contract available


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