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Billcon D551

Currency discriminators are note counters that are capable of discriminating between different denominations of notes (whereas a note counter simply counts the number of notes in a stack, regardless of their denomination).

Currency discriminators are used by financial institutions, but are also purchased by government offices, churches, and any business that takes in cash on a daily basis and seeks to handle it and prepare it for deposit more efficiently. Currency discriminators save considerable time and energy for employees and dramatically reduce counting errors.

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  • Durable and dependable currency discriminator with magnetic counterfeit detection
  • Counts/discriminates up to 1,200 notes per minute
  • No presorting is necessary. You simply tell the discriminator which bills you want to count. It sorts all the others out
  • Capable of handling both old and newly issued bills
  • Discriminates between six denominations
  • Capable of quickly bundling a preset number of bills


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