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Burroughs SmartSource Series

Check scanners create digital images of traditional paper checks. Thanks to Check21 legislation, these digital copies are now acceptable substitutes for paper checks. Check scanners are used by banks, credit unions, currency exchanges, and by numerous businesses who take advantage of remote deposit services provided by banks. The scanners allow their users to handle checks more quickly, more efficiently, and more profitably. Some consumers have also begun to take advantage of remote deposit. ABM offers a complete line of scanners suitable for the busiest banks to those with more modest scanning requirements.


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  • Suitable for front and back counter processing
  • Depending on model, can scan 30, 45, 70, or 120 checks per minute
  • Automatic feeder holds 50 or 100 items and 1 or 3 outpockets are available.
  • High precision MICR reading.
  • USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Software integration via CAPI emulation of web device suite.
  • Field upgradeable to higher speed
  • Unique IP address allows for a direct connection to your network
  • Image quality analysis identifies image defects at the time of capture.


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