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ATM Manager Program Overview


The Power of Integration

What: Simplicity for your ATM Portfolio

Automated Business Machine’s exclusive ATM Manager Program is a comprehensive outsourcing solution for all your ATM requirements. The concept for this program, which stems from years of experience managing our own ATM portfolio, is simplification through integration of all ATM services utilizing a single provider.

How: Integrating Solutions Using the Best Options Available

ABM supplies ALL ATM services, including equipment purchases, installation, cash management and replenishment, transaction processing, first and second line maintenance, supplies, exception item management, adjustments, compliance- related activities and reporting.

Why: ATM Manager is Easier, More Efficient and Trouble Free

Eliminate Compliance Hassles

We hear of the risks associated with ATMs such as “skimming” and “jackpotting”. With our program, you no longer need to be concerned with these risks! ABM has all the up to date enhancements to keep the ATMs within your ATM Manager Program safe and secure. We are accountable, not you! We also take care of all your software upgrades

Higher Quality and More Cost-Effective ATM Portfolio

If an ATM is outdated and out of compliance, we replace it at our expense with the highest quality NCR equipment available in today’s market. For those ATMs that are still operational, we purchase them outright from you, update them if necessary and take it from there.

Eliminate Capital Expenditures on ATMs

What is your return on investment (ROI)? Simply put, there is no investment! ABM pays for all the replaced ATMs and enhancements for the existing terminals. We can even run the loan we take out to pay for the equipment through your financial institution!

The ATM Manager Program provides several key benefits to financial institutions, including…


From our roots as an ATM solutions provider, ABM understands all aspects of ATM Portfolios and offers the highest quality hardware, software, processing and service support available in today’s market.


The ATM Manager program allows you to modify your portfolio to meet evolving market conditions. ABM works closely with you to ensure the program meets your exact requirements.


Perhaps the greatest value the program offers your organization is time – time to focus on managing your business and serving your customers. Imagine eliminating the operational time spent on keeping your ATMs up and running, not to mention the management resources devoted to reporting, compliance and profitability analysis.


Our complete package eliminates the confusion of dealing with multiple suppliers for each aspect of ATM ownership and management. All the complex and tedious tasks involved with owning and managing your own ATMs go away.

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