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Automated Business Machines provides cash, check, and document handling equipment to banks, credit unions, schools, governments, churches, and retail businesses in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. We stock a wide variety of products that can make your organization more efficient and provide numerous support and service options designed to keep your equipment up and running and to provide you peace of mind.

High Quality Products

ABM provides a broad line of business and currency equipment that have the ability to streamline your operations, make your team more efficient, enhance your customers’ experience, and save you money. Our popular CIMA line of teller cash recycling units, for example, have the efficiency impact of 1.5 full time employees. We are committed to selling high quality products and choose only to partner with manufacturers who have track records of customer satisfaction. In addition to CIMA, our manufacturer partners include Scan Coin, Canon, Nautilus Hyosung, Amrotec, MBM, Duplo, Jaguar, Maverick, Widmer, Lathem, and Certex


45+ Years of Customer Service

For more than 45 years, we’ve been building a business based on customer service. Providing the right products at the right price isn’t enough. We strive to educate and assist our customers as much as possible. And our relationship with customers doesn’t end when we complete a sale. In fact, it’s just the beginning. We’ve made it a priority to build the infrastructure necessary to provide high quality equipment service and peace of mind to each of our customers.

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