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Automated Business Machines: We upgrade money counters for new $100 bill | We sell & service currency recyclers, cash dispensers, currency discriminators, ATMs, lobby sorters, & more in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

Who We Serve


For more than 45 years, Automated Business Machines has been providing high quality cash, check, and document handling equipment to the following sectors in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and beyond.


We’ve helped grocery stores, car washes, doctors offices, hospitals and many other businesses collect, process, and handle payments and documents more quickly and efficiently.


For three decades we’ve provided banks and credit unions with cutting edge products that streamline operations.


We’ve helped various public entities, including governments, schools, and school districts, become more efficient so they can focus on their more important work.


We help Treasurers, Clerks of Court, Sheriff, Tax, and Utility departments handle incoming check and currency payments. We also provide an array of folding, sealing and shredding equipment to help manage sensitive documents.

Why Choose ABM?

We offer a broad range of products and services

We provide complete on-site service

We’re a customer service centric organization

Our service capabilities and response times ensure high uptime for your mission critical equipment

Fleet Management

from ABM

We’ve created a new service offering to help our customers better manage their fleet of money handling equipment. We can help you reduce costs and headaches and maximize uptime.

Featured Products


We stock a wide variety of products that make your organization more efficient. We also provide numerous support and service options designed to keep your equipment up and running and to provide you peace of mind.

Make tellers more efficient and keep your customers happier by reducing wait time with the Scan Coin self-serve lobby sorter.

The most comprehensive, user-friendly functions necessary for tellers and retail cashiers from low to high-volume cash handling environment.

Flexible support for delivering transactions through self-service or with the support of video agents

High capacity currency recycler that meets the demands of the busiest branches with an 11,200 note capacity